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Hebrew Alphabet - Alef-Bet

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, five of which use different forms at
the end of a word.

The chart below has the block, script, Rashi script and the numeric values.

Alef-bet Chart, part 1
Alef-bet Chart, part 2

The Hebrew Alphabet on Israeli Postage Stamps issued in 2001

Israeli Alef-Bet Postage Stamps

Alef-Bet Print Sheet

Right Click on the image below and choose "view image".
Click on the image to enlarge it.
In your browser menu under "File" choose "Print".
Choose "copy image" and paste it into your word processor.

Hebrew Alef-Bet Print Sheet

Alef-Bet Print Sheet - Version 2
22 letters and 5 final ending letters.

Hebrew Alef-Bet Print Sheet, Version 2

Alef-Bet Songs

The Alef Bet Song by Debbie Friedman
with Hebrew letters modeled by students
at Tribeca Hebrew in New York City.

Alef Bet Rock Song
by Lily Yacobi, Diana Yacobi and Jason Rosen

Shalom Sesame: Aleph Bet Song

Shalom Sesame - African Alephbet (Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

Free Online Resources to Learn Hebrew Learn Hebrew Phrases
Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Menus, translations and transliterations
in 4 languages.

Click on the language of your choice: Learn Hebrew Phrases French Russian Chinese Hebrew
English - Hebrew Vocabulary Study Sheets

Hebrew Songs with Nikud (vowels)
and English Translations

Learn Hebrew Signs

Hebrew Signs

Modern Hebrew in Everyday Use
The site includes 435 photos of Hebrew signs.
Below each photo is the Hebrew text with nikud
(vowels) and an English translation of the text.

My Jewish Games

Hebrew Games

Language Match Game with Audio
Multilingual Wordsearch (English, Hebrew, Russian)
Hebrew Hangman

Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

Hebrew Jokes

Each joke is displayed in Hebrew with Nikud,
and there is an English translation of the joke.
The jokes are suitable for all ages.
Reading jokes in Hebrew can be a fun activity
in your ulpan or Hebrew class.
Even native Hebrew speakers will find jokes that
are worth telling their friends.

The Hebrew Sign Maker

Hebrew Sign Maker

Print Hebrew signs without Hebrew support.
There are 11 fonts and two sizes to choose from.
There are two special script trace fonts
that will help your students learn
how to write Hebrew script.

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