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Pepsi Max: This Falafel Is Making Me Thirsty!
Osem Mana Chama
Bezeq Streamer
Bezeq International – Playing Taki
Direct Insurance – Pigeons in India
Electric Company on using more natural gas
Bezeq Benleumi
Electric Company switching to Natural Gas
Bank Igud
Bezeq Benleumi ISP
Bezeq with Gidi Gov
And Where is the D9? – New IDF Miluim Website
No More Stone Message – New IDF Miluim Website
Cutting Down on Salt (“sailor” has similar spelling)
Direct Insurance – Startups
Direct Insurance – Noach’s Ark
Direct Insurance
Bezeq International ISP
Bezeq International ISP #2
Supersol Deal
Mizrachi Tefahot
Direct Insurance – Pigeons in the Kindergarten
Elite Chocolate – Golani
Elite Chocolate
Electric Company – The Bubble
Electric Company – The Brit
Direct Insurance – Pigeons in Brazil
Eilte Mini Cake
Olim Visiting Design Center
Direct Insurance – Pigeon Nest
Israel Postal – Visa card – The Mugging
Hot Triples – The Burglers
Nurofen – Headache
Direct Insurance – Pigeons – The Cake
Internet Service Provider Bezeq Benleumi
Passover Vacation with Isracard
Only Buy Foreign Currency at the Postal Bank
Bezeq Free Cloud
Hot 100 Meg Triple Package
Maccabi Health Services – Boxing Match
Bank Yahav
iGO Navigation Software
Encouraging People to Vote – Taxi Driver
Encouraging People to Vote – Cafe
Bank Leumi – Mortgage
Negev Home Design
Bezeq Communications Package – Gangster
Bezeq Communications Package – Proposal
Bezeq Benleumi Power NGN
Direct Insurance via iPhone
Isracard PayPass
Keren Kayemet – International Cleaning Day
Sababa Egozim
Bezeq Benleumi Internet
Hebrew (with Yiddish) for Direct Insurance
Yotvata – Back to the Future
Hot Mobile
Driving to Eilat (Cal)
Moishe Oofnik and Pikud Ha’oref- Preparing for Earthquake
Tnuva Cottage Cheese
Mashbir Latzarchan – Adi Ashkenazi
Primor Orange Juice (in Yiddish)
Bezeq New Surfing Standard
Switch to Bank Mizrachi
EL AL Tourist Plus
Conserve Electricity During Peak Hours
Electric Company – 60 Days
Cafe Elite – Where is the Captain?
Direct Insurance – Noah’s Ark Launch Canceled
Tara Milk Farm
Elite Wafers
Osem Mayonnaise
Direct Insurance Serenading
Yes – Watching in Iran
Ituran – Exodus from Egypt – Moshe and Aaron
Bagel Bagel (Yiddish Commercial)
Isracard and Sports
Isracard and the Missing Stars
Direct Insurance – supporting your insurance agent
Bank Benleumi with Assi Cohen
Bank Mizrachi Tefachot
Bank Merchantile Discount – Family Plan
012 Smile with Cheeta and Eyal