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Hebrew Songs
Shironet (Hebrew site) – Lyrics for tons of Hebrew and non-Hebrew songs
Hebrew Songs – Audio Recordings
Recorded Sound Archives Judaica Collection – thousands of free songs
Piyut – the Site for Religious Songs and Prayers (Hebrew site)
Zemereshet – Hebrew songs of the past (Hebrew site)
Virtual Cantor
Chazzanut Online
YouTube Hebrew Songs & English Translations
Theme from Rehov Sumsum (Hebrew Sesame Street)
The Lion King’s “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” (Disney)
The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea” (Disney)
The Lion King – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (very short)
Pocahontas – Colors Of The Wind
In Hebrew with Subtitles: Hebrew, Transliteration and English Translation
YouTube Hebrew Songs
Ofra Haza: HaKotel (The Wailing Wall)
(English translation in the video description.
Click here for the Hebrew Lyrics.)
Ofra Haza: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold)
(Click here for the Hebrew Lyrics.)
Ilan and Ilanit: Ba’shana Ha’Ba’ah (Next Year)
(Click here for the Hebrew Lyrics.)
Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme: Bashana Haba’ah (Next Year)
(Transliteration and translation of the lyrics in the video description.)
Kol Ish: BaShana HaBa’ah (Next Year)
Ofra Haza: Hi – Eurovision
Kaveret: Magapayim Shel Baruch (Baruch’s Boots)
Kaveret: Yo Ya
Uzi Chitman: Ratziti Shetayda (I Wanted You to Know)
Hopa Hey: Anachnu Nesharim Ba’aretz (We Are Staying in the Country)
Shir Habatlanim (Lazy Bums Song)
Parpar Nechmad (Nice Butterfly)
Beauty and the Beast: Yesh Sipurim (There Are Stories)
(With transliteration of the lyrics in the video description.)
The Lion King – Hakuna Matata
(With transliteration of the lyrics in the video description.)
The Bear Necessities
Fiddler on the Roof – If I were a Rothchild
Ovdim Aleinu – Hagasash Hachiver (1981)
(With Hebrew subtitles.)
Pocahontas – Mine, Mine, Mine
(With Hebrew subtitles.)
Pocahontas – Listen With Your Heart
(With Hebrew subtitles.)
Quest For Camelot – Looking Through Your Eyes
(With Hebrew subtitles.)
Bli Sodot – Zeh Lo Kashe Bichlal