Hebrew Songs #16

Hatishma Koli (Will You Hear My Voice)
by Arik Einshtein, Josie Katz & Shmulik Kraus

Wakeup Song for Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon z”l
First minute of the song then conversation of NASA with Ilan Ramon:

Arik Einshtein

Hatishma Koli (Will You Hear My Voice): Hebrew Lyrics

English Translation:

A Sad Melody (Will You Hear My Voice)

Will you hear my voice my far-away one
Will you hear my voice where-ever you are
A voice is calling with strength,
A voice is crying softly,
Over time it sends a blessing?

This world is so big and has many roads
They meet for a moment, separate forever.
A man searches, but his legs fail,
He can never find that which he has lost.

The last of my days is already close perhaps
Already is near the day of goodbye tears.
I will wait for you until my life will end,
Like Rachel’s wait for her lover.

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